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Sarah & Evelyn's Winter Wedding

Being a Professional Makeup Artist I have had the opportunity to be a part of so many beautiful weddings. It is truly an honor when a couple chooses me to play a small role on their big day! This wedding at the Hawkesdene Estate in Andrews NC was nothing short of MAGICAL! It was truly the perfect day and I will remember my time with this couple for the remainder of my career.

Sometimes, you may meet someone and feel an instant connection — you just click, and you can't explain it. That was how I felt during my first conversation with Evelyn. Her warm personality and genuine excitement for her wedding made me instantly love her and I felt like I was reconnecting with a long lost friend. We spent about an hour on the phone discussing the wedding details. She explained that she had a very diverse group of bridesmaids and also wanted to check that I was comfortable with being a part of a same sex wedding.

It breaks my heart that finding vendors who are inclusive can be an issue when planning a wedding in the South. I was sad that she even felt like she needed to ask me that but I understand that is our sad reality. As a professional Makeup Artist it is my mission to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Regardless of age, race and gender I want everyone to have great experience getting their makeup done by me. By the end of our conversation, Evelyn felt like family and I knew that I would be the perfect MUA for her!

Fast forward to the morning of the wedding. It was cold and foggy. I drove to Andrews NC from Knoxville TN and my GPS took me though "The dragon" which if you are not familiar with this famous road it is an 11 mile stretch of road with 318 curves! Yall! It was so foggy and I could barely see the road! It was still super dark outside because it was so early in the morning. I believe we had a 7 am makeup start time so it had to be 6am while I was going through those winding roads. To say I was relieved to make it to finally make it to the Hawkesdene Estate is an understatement lol! The venue is absolutely gorgeous and I was pleasantly surprised with how many amenities they had. I was blown away at the amazing bridal suite at this venue. It was spacious, well lit and had lots of counter space for getting ready.

The bridal party was so much fun to work with and the ladies were absolutely beautiful. As I did each bridesmaid's makeup they would tell me just how special both Sarah & Evelyn were to them. It was precious yall! I could totally FEEL the love from this group.

The two brides chose very different makeup looks. Sarah wanted a very natural yet polished look so we went with airbrush makeup. I kept her eyeshadow very soft and neutral and added a very natural looking lash and peachy-nude lips.

Evelyn on the other hand wanted a very glam bridal look so we chose traditional makeup for her. We went for the classic Hollywood glam light-to-dark smoky eye with a popping red lip. Both of the brides totally SLAYED their wedding day looks!

It was winter but I don't think any of us were expecting a white wedding. When Evelyn started to walk down the isle it literally started to snow! It was like a scene out of a movie. Absolutely breathtaking!!

Looking through all of Sarah & Evelyn's wedding photos I couldn't help but get emotional. The amount of genuine love and support these women are surrounded by is so apparent. The makeup held up beautifully all evening and they will have these memories for the rest of their lives.

I cannot thank this beautiful couple enough for choosing me to be their wedding makeup artist. Wishing you all a lifetime of Love & Happiness!

Photography: @appalachianweddingphotography

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