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6 Steps to Start a Makeup Business FREE DOWNLOAD

Become a Professional Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is such a fun career! Every day I get to be creative and express myself through making someone else feel beautiful.

Creating my own schedule and being my own boss is literally a dream come true, but it has taken years of dedication and hard to work to make this my full time career.

When I first started freelancing over 8 years ago it was just part-time gig. Although I took myself very seriously as a "makeup artist" I never really considered myself a "business owner".

All of my first investments in my business were buying new makeup for my kit and going to makeup classes. I didn't even consider investing in QuickBooks or even applying for a business license until YEARS later.

Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Your Beauty Business!

One of the biggest mistakes a makeup artist can make when starting out is not taking the time to set up their business properly. We get so excited to apply makeup on our clients and take pictures for Instagram but we neglect the business aspect of being a makeup artist completely. When you start a makeup business you are not only responsible for applying the makeup you are also responsible for:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax Reporting

  • Business Planning and Strategy

  • Staffing and Management

That's like 8 different jobs! For one person! Its so easy to see why a small business owners could feel overwhelmed. A lot of us just jump into entrepreneurship with zero idea of what we are doing--I know I did! & man oh man do I wish I had someone who could have shown me the ropes when I started. I would have avoided a lot of hard lessons and saved SO MUCH $$$$ over the years.

That is why I created the 6-step BEAUTY BUSINESS CHECKLIST! I wanted there to be an easy to understand, step-by-step guide for MUAs and beauty business owners to get their business in order! Building your career on a solid foundation will ensure your success and make it so much easier for you in the long run. TRUST ME! There is no excuse to not have your business in order and most importantly be LEGIT!

In this 11 page Beauty Business Checklist I break down in detail the 6 steps you need to become a legally operating beauty business. I did the research and consulted with certified tax professionals to provide you with the most accurate information possible & its 100% FREE!

These are the things I wish I had known before starting my career as a professional makeup artist.

The Beauty Business Checklist is for everybody!! It doesn't matter if you are a MUA with years of experience or an aspiring MUA who is ready to take themselves seriously as a professional; if you need help to become a legally operating beauty business CLICK HERE to download my FREE BEAUTY BUSINESS CHECKLIST.


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