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with semi-permanent makeup!

Tired of sparse brows that need filling in everyday? Save yourself 10-15 minutes every morning and feel instantly put together with Ombré Powder, Combo or Nano Brows! With results lasting up to 3 years, its truly one of the best investments you can make in yourself!


Shante Yuslay is a Permanent Makeup Artist at Synergy Tattoo in Knoxville Tennessee. Shante specializes in Ombré Powder Brows and Combo Brows. Shante is a 2-time certified artist and has had the privilege to train with some of the industry's top leading artist. 

Is Nano Better Than Microblading?

While some trends come and go, others seem to evolve… and that’s what we’re seeing with the latest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. Microblading has long been hailed as a popular method for getting well-defined, feather-like hair strokes on eyebrows. However, Nano Brows (Digital Microblading) is quickly gaining attention. So just what is the difference between microblading and Nano brows?

Microblading vs. Nano Brows

What's the difference?


  • Last 12-18 Months 

  • Uses sharp instrument of 10–16 small needles configured into the shape of a blade

  • Makes small cuts to the skin

  • Bleeding is common during procedure

  • Better for normal to dry skin types


  • Last up to 3 years

  • Uses a single, ultra-fine Nano needle

  • No cutting of the skin

  • Less traumatizing to skin and no blood

  • Better for a much broader range of skin types 

Want to learn more? Check out the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about PMU by Clicking HERE 

8 Reasons Why You Need PMU!

1. Save Time In The Morning​: Think about the amount of time you will save, without having to draw on or fill in your brows daily. You'll spend less time perfecting your make-up and have more time to enjoy the day. You'll look put together from the moment you wake up.

2. Low Maintenance: Nothing is more frustrating than to have to re-apply makeup after every activity. This is true for busy people who want to look their best for sports activities but don’t have (or want to) spend time applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day.

3. Gives You Confidence: It is amazing how perfectly defined lips, realistic looking brows or definition from eyeliner tattooing can boost a person’s confidence. If you are lacking hair because of an illness, permanent makeup can restore definition to your best features again. Sometimes you just need a small enhancement to make you feel beautiful from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

4. Save $$$ On Makeup: Permanent makeup lasts for years. With regular touch ups, you may never have to purchase makeup products again!

5. No More Sensitivity To Makeup: If you can’t wear traditional cosmetics because of allergies and skin sensitivities you will love PMU! No more chronically red and watery eyes caused by traditional eyeliner products! 

6. Customized Shape & Color: Irregular shapes of your brows, eyes or lips can be modified with permanent makeup. People who have alopecia or whose hair has been affected by chemotherapy, permanent eyebrows are a realistic solution to enhance and improve their natural features and draw attention away from irregularities.

7. Helping Hand: If you don’t have a steady hand or have difficulty holding makeup applicators because of some muscular disorder (arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis) permanent makeup is a lifesaver.

8. Showcase Your Natural Beauty: Permanent makeup serves to enhance natural beauty and often is undetectable, so regular makeup can be worn over it for a more dramatic look. This makes it a great option for women who want a natural daily makeup look, but also appreciate the versatility of traditional, non-permanent makeup products.



Save Up to 50%


Here are some examples of my work:

Want to join the exciting world of PMU? Interested in learning how to do Ombre Powder, Combo & Nano Brows? 

Shante YuSlay will be offering 1-on-1 private & group classes starting Spring of 2022! Be sure to follow Shante on Instagram to stay updated! @ShanteYuSlay

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