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Hiring the Best Bridal Makeup Artist for The Bride

The way the bride's makeup is done can make or break the entire event, and no bride would want to look awful on their big day and in their wedding photos too. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring the best bridal makeup artist as one of the top important things in the wedding planning process.

As a bride, you do not have to be limited to settling for a local makeup artist based only on proximity. Take your time to scout for the very best bridal makeup artist that is also affordable, and open to serving brides from any location, even though this attracts an extra cost as traveling fees. But being the special day that it is, why not spend on the very best?

Your local makeup artist in Knoxville TN and its surrounding areas, Shante YuSlay, specializes in bridal makeup and special occasions. My goal is to book more weddings and more bridal parties, makeup appointments, and help crown their happy moments by giving them high-quality makeup do. You should consider Shante YuSlay as the best bridal makeup artist to do your makeup because, as a professional, Shante:


  • Does not compromise on the quality of the makeup products and makes the application while also offering skincare-related services, especially for those with sensitive skin and acne.

  • Offers a free makeup trial for the bride before their big day.

  • Understands that the most charming part of a bride’s overall look is the eyes, and takes time to highlight it well.

  • Has over 7 years of working experience and is used to working and performing under the pressure that a wedding can present, and is reliable.

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